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Month: August 2022

When you listen to Allegri’s Miserere, prayer happens

Listening to Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere mei Deus, I wrote the following:

O, beauty in all things!
O, joy in my heart!
O, gratefulness spreading!
O, cries of compassion resounding!
May we go forward in community
May we live full lives of service and love.

Listen, the musician sings
See, the people enjoy
Feel, your nerve-endings exposed
This is truth and self meeting
This is hope and life embracing
Now, your spirit rises
Here, your hands reach out
Wait upon the enfolding light
Wait for your moment to act
In decision, peace
In confirmation, thanks
In your days, consolation.

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Light and Hope have met – Sun and Sky have embraced

At midday on a school day, I stopped for a moment by the harbour.

Light and hope have met
Sun and sky have embraced
My heart moves with joy
My spirit flies like an eagle
Soaring above the situation
With perspective and insight.
Returning to ground, my feet placed firmly,
I look out at Sydney's storied harbour,
See the swaying ferry, moored unusually
I notice the city skyline with its reaching tips
Seeking after greatness, extending into cloud
And for a single moment of stillness
I am satisfied, grateful, lifted up
And the to-do list can wait.
I am here for the wind on my cheeks
I am here for the music in my ears
I am here for a break from noise and needless
interruptions by task and pressure.
Waiting on the lunchtime bell
I discover, I enjoy, I pause.
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Reconnecting to life: being a teacher on a school camp

3 things I learnt as a teacher on a school camp:

1. How a long bushwalk renews me. 

To take in the soaring canopies of trees and to enjoy my experience of that spaciousness. To notice the crunching of shoes on soil and rocks, and to advise young ones about placing each step strategically and with purpose. To allow the thick grey ocean of fresh air to awaken my spirit. To hear the gentle patterns of rain on my backpack and jacket and let quiet joy bubble to the surface.

2. How teamwork creates belonging.

The teaching staff accompanying students on camp were a close-knit team. We enjoyed responding to each day. We knew the thrill of working together to ensure our students had a good and uplifting learning experience. We laughed with good humour over food and supported each other in our foibles. All told it was a belonging to a collaborative, close-knit team.

3. How disconnecting from tech allows us to reconnect with life

Enjoying the natural environment meant being disconnected from tech and its tasks. This fact alone allowed me to reconnect to people and place and self. I allowed the experience to bring renewal to my spirit. Now, on returning to the world of tech and tasks, I am more intentional.

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