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Bonobo’s ‘No Reason’ featuring Nick Murphy: years of listening

For three years now I have listened to No Reason featuring Nick Murphy by Bonobo. I listen whenever I seek the peace of the familiar. The 2017 track from the Bonobo album Migration features an uplifting rolling beat and ethereal vocals. The track accompanies me in joy and sorrow, laughter and fear.

I feel the lyrics from the opening ‘it’s beautiful’ through the long ‘sunrise’ and to the final ‘we’ve got the time of our lives now’. I am always moved by Murphy’s words ‘when music’s around, stay warm’. This music moves my heart. I emerge buoyant and more aware of hope.

Each play hits me again. I associate the track with a deepening sense of consolation over the years. My experience is of being enveloped in delight.

No Reason gives me a thrill of joy
deep in my bones, as I connect
my spirit soars into the sky.
Nick Murphy's vocals speak to my
life, 'we've got the time ... now' he
sings, calling me to fullness.
Bonobo's melodic beat and big reverb
invite my mind to relish the experience
of this moment, the call of now.
I am staying warm near this track
it fills my life with good tidings
it draws forth hope like water from a spring.
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